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Оral hygiene

One of the most important role in modern stomatology plays oral hygiene. Professional oral hygiene includes removing dental plaque and soft tartar. It is performed by a dentist or physician-hygienist. Professional teeth cleaning is preceded by a therapeutic, orthopedic, surgical and orthodontic interventions.

The factors that are leading to the need for professional oral hygiene:

1. Poor individual oral hygiene leads to the formation of plaque on the surface where is happening the formation,
accumulation of soft plaque and its gradual spread to the tooth surface.

2. Under the influence of the micro flora of oral cavity, their decat products, there is a gradual mineralization of dental
plaque and its conversion into a hard tartar.


What affection does the dental calculus have?

1. There are two types of dental stone and it is define by their location : above and subgingival
First, a supragingival dental calculus is formed, which in short time destroy the gingival calculus and forms subgingival
2. Subgingival tartar is growing rapidly inside of the tooth root, destroying the periodontal ligaments
(support-retaining ligament of the tooth in the jaw bone) Subsequently the gingival pocket is formed- the gap between
the gum and tooth, and later bone pocket.
3. The formation of bone pocket more serious diseases take place like paradont (support-holding apparatus of the tooth)
First, when gingivitis (gum inflammation) is developed it is turned into periodontics. All this leads to loosening and loss of the completely innocent teeth.
The importance of professional oral hygiene. To prevent all above it is recommended to carry out the procedure for professional cleanings twice a year.

How the professional oral hygiene is carrying out?

The sequence is as follows: first happens tartar cleaning, then pigmented plaque. Above and under tooth deposits are
cleaned in several ways.
1. Today, the most effective way to remove tartar is to use and ultrasonic device. It is painless, non-traumatic, and it is non
harmful for tooth enamel procedure. Ultrasonic scaler creates oscillatory motion, and the tartar destroying is the result.
2. After tartar cleaning, the doctor begins to remove the pigmental plaque. This procedure applies power-jet impact
Air-flow. Method of Air-flow is to direct jet spray which contains water and abrasive agent. Aerosol jet removes
a dark platina. The effect is, teeth become two tones lighter, but effect does not remain forever. If you want your
teeth became even brighter, please come on teeth whitening.
3. After cleaning tartar and plaque, a doctor must cover the fluoride gel or varnish to remove sensitive enamel.


Malai Iulian Medic Rezident chisinau

Physician – Dentist

Cucos Lilia Medic Stomatolog Chisinau

Physician-Dentist of the highest category


Treatment Prices

Plaque removal with ultrasound (2 jaws) 300
Grinding, polishing with ‚Air prophy’ device 700

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