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Welcome to DENT VIP

We treat teeth with cutting edge methods

Despre Clinica Stomotologica DentVip

The key to our success is qualification and desire of the staff to work and improve their professional skills.

Our mission

Provide high-quality dental services and pay attention not only to physiological properties, but also to the aesthetic aspects of the work.

Professionals of our clinic

Specialists with 20 years of experience, who constantly develop themselves and attend various congresses to improve their qualifications.


Every dentist understands the goals and objectives of his/her work in his/her own way. I am particularly honored to ‘return’ beautiful smiles and dental health to people. To see a healthy smile of patient satisfied with the result of my work is a great joy and a real professional satisfaction.

Smile more often and the world will smile at you in return!

Dental clinic «Dent VIP» exists since 2001. Today ‘Dent VIP’ is one of the leading dental clinics in Chisinau and Moldova. The premises of the clinic cover an area of 250m2. This is more than 20 professional employees, including 8 physicians of different profiles and an own dental laboratory. The clinic carries out all kinds of dental work, implantation and complex prosthetic dentistry, orthodontics works.


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Our team

Specialists of DENT VIP clinic

Piscun Valerii Medic Sef Stomatolog Chisinau

Chief Physician. Dentist of the highest category.

Cusnir Larisa Medic Stomatolog Chisinau

Physician-Dentist of the highest category

Cucos Lilia Medic Stomatolog Chisinau

Physician-Dentist of the highest category

Cucu Ghenadie Medic Stomatolog Chirurg Chisinau

Surgeon, physician of the highest category

Malai Iulian Medic Rezident chisinau

Physician – Dentist


Alina Trafaila medic ortodont chisinau