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Dentistry treatment

Teeth treating is the fundamental part of modern stomatology. The qualitative teeth treating is the base for others healing procedures. The preventive maintenance is vital part in stomatology. Of course, don’t forget that it is better and cheaper to prevent the sickness than to treat it. Even whet you clean your teeth with Tooth thread you prevent the caries occurrence on 80 percents and that is proven as the truth.

When you know how caries appears it will be much easier to prevent it. But how you can discover whether you have caries or don’t? The answer is simple, dentist appointment once in 6 month. Qualified dentist can define even the smallest caries that you event didn’t know about. Remember, caries is the chronic disease that can not appear officially for the long time.
Don`t forget about children! When the first teeth appears you need to know how to clean it to prevent it from sicknesses. That is very simple, you only need to know how to do it.

You always need to treat caries in time because caries have the progress ability, and when it become bigger another problem stand up Caries complications. Remember, if teeth treating is modern and qualitative you will forget about future problems.
And everybody knows about treating without pain that is why we will be short about that.

Actually it is quite simple. At first, before anesthesia, anesthetizing gel is put on a gum (in a nyxis place),
the gum is anesthetized, then a it is guaranteed that the needle nyxis you won’t feel… And that is the most painful
moment during the whole procedure.

Good luck in the stomatologic care under the qualified dentists arms



Cucos Lilia Medic Stomatolog Chisinau

Physician-Dentist of the highest category

Cusnir Larisa Medic Stomatolog Chisinau

Physician-Dentist of the highest category


Malai Iulian Medic Rezident chisinau

Physician – Dentist

Treatment of caries:

Photo-hardening filling (classes I and IV) 800
Photo-hardening filling (under microscope) 1200
Photo-hardening filling (classes II, III, IV) 900
Application of pad (isolating, therapeutic) 80
Liquid composite 430
Fibreglass splinting (1 tooth) 700

Treatment of Pulpitis, Periodontitis:

Application of Devit, temporary filling 200
Endodontic treatment of single-canal tooth 650
Endodontic treatment of two-canal tooth 800
Endodontic treatment of tooth with three or more canals 870
Photo-hardening filling 1050
Treatment of paradont by plasmolifting 1500
Treatment of paradont by plasmolifting one additional tube 900

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