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Dental microscope

Endodontics (treatment of canals) is the area of ​​dentistry where the microscope is indispensable. Treatment of canal, as a rule, consists of cleaning it from caries and filling. Using  the traditional method of treatment, the physician relies on his/her feelings, on his/her experience, knowledge of canal anatomy. Imagine, the canal is a micro-hole less than 1mm, and what the human eye can see in such case! When using a microscope, the physician sees the canal from the inside, individual features; he/she sees where the canal curves, where it ends.

Microscop dentar tratarea canalelor

Qualitative dental treatment today depends not only on the qualification of dentist, but also on what technologies he/she uses in his/her work. Microscopes are one of the most complex types of dental equipment. They are an innovation in the world of dentistry, but the new tool gradually attracts more attention of specialists. The dental microscope is a kind of technological peak of magnifying optics.

Today, existence in the dental clinic of a dental microscope is an indicator of the quality, safety and comfort for the patient. Our clinic successfully uses a dental microscope in its practice. Due to the possibility of making difficult manipulations under the microscope, our physicians manage to save the teeth even in the most severe cases, in which the tooth was previously subject to extraction.

Unlike treatment with ‘naked’ eye treatment using dental microscopes has a number of undeniable advantages. The microscope lens can magnify the object up to 40 times – the difference is obvious. The physician will be able to see the smallest cracks in the enamel of the tooth, determine the exact number of root canals and their most inconspicuous branches, inspect the root canal along the entire length, examine each of its sites, remove all remains of inflamed tissues, completely clean the internal cavity of the tooth. This is a fundamentally different level!

Magnification allows to determine existence of fluid in the canals, as well as to detect hidden carious lesions between adjacent teeth, caries under loose-fitting edges of old fillings. At the initial stages of caries, the dentist can use a very thin instrument and microscope to remove the damaged tissue most gently, thereby preventing infection from spreading. Caries treatment under microscope is carried out within the affected tissues, i.e. with minimal damage to healthy tissue. Such careful treatment significantly prolongs the life of the tooth. And in our clinic it is not a miracle, but a reality!

Using a microscope when restoring previously not qualitatively filled canals is particularly important. Sometimes fragments of tools left in the root canals cannot simply be removed without a microscope. Only qualitatively treated and filled tooth can become a support for bridges, crowns and other orthopedic structures for many years!

In surgery and aesthetic dentistry, the microscope also found its application. For example, the chance to achieve an ideal fitting of fillings or veneers to the tooth is much higher. The main problem during installation of veneers is the quality of attachment. It’s not a secret that if they are incorrectly installed, they quickly chip off or crack.

Another advantage of using microscope has a purely psychological reason. The fear of going to the dentist is known to so many people. Treatment with a microscope helps to improve the psychological state; the patient can relax and feel more comfortable. First of all: the patient does not sit, but lies in the dental chair, and secondly the physician during the treatment will be at a distance and will not enter the patient’s comfort zone. In addition, the physician who works with a microscope does not need to strain his/her eyes, he/she gets tired much less due to the ideal ergonomics of the workplace and hence performs his/her work better.

Thus, we can guarantee our patients that treatment under microscope significantly improves the quality of treatment, ensures complete safety of procedures and guarantees a reliable result! We are proud to be one among the first providers of professional dental treatment using a dental microscope.

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Treatment under microscope:

Endodontic treatment of single-canal tooth 1050
Endodontic treatment of a two-canal tooth 1250
Endodontic treatment of a three-canal tooth 1500
Removal of tool from canal 1500
Photo-hardening filling: Carisma (in case of pulpitis) 1300

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