Implantology and Dental Implants



Implantation of teeth is one of the most necessary sections of modern dentistry. Due to various methods of implantation, we can get rid of removable dentures, or to restore one or several teeth it is not necessary to grind the neighbouring ones.

In the absence of one tooth:

Ideal option for implantation of teeth in the absence of one tooth. The advantage of this structure is stability and durability. There are four stages of implant installation:
– Examination. The area of implantation is examined on X-ray images.
– A bed is drilled in the bone and the implant is installed.
– A crown is made according to casts.
– The crown is fixed on the implant.

In the absence of several teeth:

In this case, implantation of teeth is possible in two ways:
– installation of implants, manufacturing of bridge on the implant or on each tooth separately.

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In case of toothless jaw:

Teething is carried out in three ways:

– A removable denture is made.

– A conditionally removable denture is made on implants.

– A permanent denture is made on implants.

In modern conditions, implantation allows restoring toothless jaw with conditionally removable or permanent structures. Let’s consider manufacture of a permanent denture on a completely toothless jaw. The first stage is examination. The second is installation of 4-6 implants. The third is manufacture of the bridge denture according to casts. The final stage is fixation of the denture on implants.

Now let’s consider manufacture of a conditionally removable denture on implants, let’s take the lower jaw for example. Two or four implants are placed on the lower jaw. For normal loading, 10 mm implants are sufficient.

Let’s consider a completely removable denture. The usual removable denture has significant negative aspects. The denture with a support on dental implants is almost not felt in the mouth and has a number of advantages.

Immediate implantation of teeth:

This is an implant installation and teething during one day. The process is as follows: the implant is installed, an abutment is fixed on it, a temporary crown is installed. After a period of 3-6 months the temporary crown is replaced by a permanent one.

The implant consists of two parts: the implant itself, which is inserted into the bone tissue of the jaw and the abutment.

Abutment – a structure fixed to the implant, to which the crown, carrying the prosthetic structure or the denture itself, is attached.

Implants are installed in the dental office, with local anesthesia (pain relief). The operation of implant installation is painless. Dental implants are inserted into the bone tissue instead of the lost tooth and remain for the next 3-4 months or six months. This time is necessary for the bone-implant healing.


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Treatment prices:

Implant with installation, made by “Nobel Biocare” 12000
Implant with installation, made by “Korea Any Ridge” 9000
Implant with installation, made by “Korea Any One” 6500
Implant with installation, made by “Israel AV Dental devices” 6000
Barrier membrane 3200
Closed sinus lift 3300
Operation of open sinus lift 10000

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