Prices for Dental Services

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DENT V.I.P. SRL January, 15 2018

The prices of the Chief Physician and Resident Physicians differ from the basic ones.

Name Price (in MDL)
Consultation (including treatment plan and invoice) 350
Consultation/Orthopedics/Surgery 600
Radiovisiography with image analysis 60
Anesthesia (conduction, infiltration) 185
Application anesthesia 50
Application of rubber dam 200
Plaque removal with ultrasound (2 jaws) 400
Grinding, polishing with ‚Air prophy’ device 700
Office teeth whitening office (1 visit) 4830
Home teeth whitening (incl. 2 mouth guards) 4830
Endodontic whitening (1 tooth, 1 visit) 530
Removal of dental deposit (paste + brush) 530
Skyce with application 1320
Manufacture of mouth guards for home whitening (1 jaw) 1300
1 dose for whitening 320
Treatment of hyperesthesia (1 tooth) 400
Application of gingival dressings (1 visit) 400
Sealing of fissures with a photocurable material (1 tooth) 400
Lincomycin, dexamethasone 300
Treatment of paradont by plasmolifting 1800
Item Prices (MDL)
Photo-hardening filling (classes I and IV) 1200
Photo-hardening filling (under microscope) 1800
Photo-hardening filling (classes II, III, IV) 1300
Application of pad (isolating, therapeutic) 140
Liquid composite 1000
Fibreglass splinting (1 tooth) 1000
Item Prices (MDL)
Application of Devit, temporary filling 420
Opening of tooth, outflow 420
Temporary canal filling (1 canal) 200
Endodontic treatment of single-canal tooth 850
Endodontic treatment of single-crown tooth(with microscope) 1450
Endodontic treatment of two-canal tooth 1050
Endodontic treatment of two-crown tooth (with microscope) 1850
Endodontic treatment of tooth with three or more canals 1450
Endodontic treatment of tooth with three crowns (with microscope) 2000
Removal of tool from canal under microscope 2000
Pro-rut pad 670
Pro-rut with gutta-percha pin 900
Unfilling of the previously filled canal 400
Photo-hardening filling 1300
Photo-hardening filling (with microscope) 1800
Dental restoration 2000
Dental restoration (with microscope) 2400
Crown preparation (photo) 900
Installation of titanium pin 300
Installation of fibreglass pin 400
Item Prices (MDL)
Metal-ceramic crown 3000
Ceramic crown based on zirconium oxide 6000
Metal-ceramic crown on implant Any Ridge including abutment 5200
Metal-ceramic crown on implant Nobel Biocare including abutment 6200
Ceramic crown based on zirconium oxide including abutment on implant Any One 8000
Ceramic crown based on zirconium oxide including abutment on implant Nobel Biocare 9200
Installation of healing abutment 600
One-piece crown 2000
One-piece with facing of ceramic facial surface 2700
Plastic crown (temporary) 400
Dental build-up with cementation 1150
Cutting of stamped crown 200
Cutting of metal-ceramic crown 300
Cutting of cast crown 450
Single-layer print 320
Double-layer print 550
Fixation of crown with cement 130
Fixation of crown with glass ionomer 260
Fixation with photo glass ionomer 800
Removable denture: complete «Germany» 5000
Removable denture: partial «Germany» 4000
Brachium denture: with clamps 10000
Brachium denture with attachments (2 pcs.) 13000
Relocation of denture 650
E-max veneers 8000
Micro-denture “Bredent” 2000
Production of individual spoon 900
Production of micro-denture 1300
Restoration of cracks of metal-ceramic crowns (1 tooth) 1000
OnLay, overlay 5000
Item Prices (MDL)
Anesthesia (conduction, infiltration) 185
Simple tooth extraction (stage II-IV of loosening) 450
Difficult tooth extraction (stage I of loosening, root) 600
Extraction of the «wisdom tooth» 1000
Extraction of displaced, impacted teeth 2400
Removal of the crown part of the tooth 300
Root tip resection 3000
Hemisection (1 tooth) 1000
Gingivectomy (1 tooth) 400
Treatment of periostitis 400
Treatment of alveolitis 400
Excision of the mucosal flap with pericoronary 500
Operation of plastics of the frenulum of the lip (tongue) 1600
Stitching on the mucous membrane (1 stitch) 200
Removal of stitches 350
Using «colapol» during extraction 1700
Bandaging 350
Open curettage (1 tooth) 350
Opening of a not cut tooth 1600
Item Prices (MDL)
Implant with installation, made by «Korea: Any One 7000
Manufacturing surgical template 2000
Implant with installation, made by «South Korea: Any Ridge» 9000
Implant with installation, made by «Switzerland: Nobel Biocare» 13000
Removal of implant 2000
GRAFT (1.0 g) 4000
Barrier membrane 4000
Closed sinus lift 3000
Operation of extension of the alveolar bone 7700
Operation of open sinus lift 12000
Item Prices (MDL)
Installation of bracket system (traditional) 9000
Installation of bracket system SAPPHIR 17000
Installation of Damon bracket system 14000
Installation of Damon bracket system (transparent) 17000
Activation of bracket system (1 jaw) 250
Production of removable device (1 jaw) 2400
Activation of removable device (1 jaw) 200
Removal of bracket system (1 jaw) 500
Hygiene of bracket system (1 jaw) 400
Installation of retainer 1300
Production of a hard mouth guard with imprints 1300
Cost of arch (traditional) 350
Cost of arch (Damon) 600
Cost of 1 traditional bracket 345
Cost of 1 traditional transparent bracket 690
Cost of 1 Damon bracket 725
Cost of 1 transparent Damon bracket 1265
Item Prices (MDL)
Caries (chemical filling) 850
Caries (photopolymer filling) 960
Periodontitis, pulpitis 1450
Periodontitis, pulpitis 2 visits 1840
Extraction of milk tooth with anesthesia 450