Orthodontic Bracket Systems



Modern dentistry not only knows how to quality treat damaged teeth, but also to correct the formed bite of teeth. Bad bite of the teeth can cause serious problems. Esthetically it is also undesirable.

Dental bite is corrected by orthodontist using bracket. Brackets are a system of small locks held together by a metal arch. Brackets are made of nickel-titanium alloy.

This metal is able to memorize the shape given to it. First, the brackets are given the desired shape. Then they are attached to the teeth and eventually directed and positioned as required.

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Types of brackets:

Ceramic brackets
Such brackets are made of ceramics. They are very widely used and especially popular among patients because of their aesthetic appearance.

Advantages of ceramic brackets:
– Invisibility due to the colour close to the colour of the teeth.
– Comfortability. They do not irritate the gum.
– Strength and reliable attachment to the teeth.

Disadvantages of ceramic brackets:
– Relative high cost.
– The process is slightly longer than correction of bite with metal brackets.
– Larger than metal ones.

Metal brackets
Evolution of metal brackets is obvious. Previously, they were large rings encircling the teeth. Today they are small brackets attached to the front side of the teeth. This is the most optimal price option for bite correction.

Advantages of metal brackets:
– Affordable price.
– Reliable durability. Absence of brittleness.

Disadvantages of metal brackets:
– Insufficient aesthetics.
– Insufficient comfort for the first time.
– Some chance of irritation of the gums. However, the problem disappears in a couple of weeks.

Using brackets:

  1. Correction of abnormal bite.
  2. Moving the teeth to the normal position.
  3. Elimination of gaps between the teeth: diastemas and trembles.
  4. Help for hard-to-cut teeth. Brackets pull out such teeth.
  5. Treatment of deformities of teeth alignment due to loss of certain teeth.

Duration of brackets wearing

Brackets should be worn on average from one year and a half to two years. In general, the brackets are worn during a period determined individually by the orthodontist. Duration of wearing is determined by the clinical picture of a particular case of each patient.

After making the brackets the orthodontist will make for you a so-called retainer. It serves to maintain the effect of the brackets. Being light, thin and comfortable, it ensures preservation of the straightened teeth position and prevents possible relapse. Duration of retainer wearing also depends on specific clinical case.


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Prices (for 1 jaw)::

Installation of bracket system (traditional, 1 jaw) 7000
Installation of bracket system (transparent, 1 jaw) 10000
Installation of Damon bracket system, 1 jaw 12000
Installation of Damon bracket system (transparent, 1 jaw) 14000
Aligners (1 kappa) 1200

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