Professional Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

White teeth are a visiting card of a healthy person. It’s beautiful and effective. It’s great.

 Teeth whitening is performed by two methods: teeth whitening at home and in the dental clinic, that is, professional teeth whitening. Dentists use a variety of names for professional teeth whitening: office, active, forced, laser whitening and others.


Professional teeth whitening

Such whitening has a major advantage over home whitening. The procedure is carried out under the direct supervision of the dentist – in the dental office. Control of the dentist allows making the most effective teeth whitening.

After the first whitening at the dentist a tangible result may be obtained.

Before the whitening procedure, the dentist will thoroughly examine the teeth. After determining their condition, the physician will determine whether the teeth are ready for whitening. And he/she will also indicate the reasons for discoloration of the teeth. During the examination, the dentist identifies tooth restorations or fillings. If necessary, he/she can specify which fillings should be changed in case of mismatch of their colour with the colour of teeth after whitening.

Whitening is a painless procedure using a number of whitening agents. The main substance used is hydrogen peroxide. To accelerate and enhance the whitening effect of the teeth, exposure to light, laser or heat is applied. For example, when applying a special gel under the influence of heat, a special substance penetrates into the enamel and dentin, oxidizing the dental pigment.

The main causes and indications for teeth whitening in the dental office

– Discoloured teeth. It can be yellowing, a brown tint. Appears with age.
– Pigmentation of teeth for various reasons. This can be the impact of food, smoking.
– Tetracycline teeth. This is a change in the coloration of the teeth as a result of taking the antibiotic tetracycline during formation of teeth in certain cases.
– Darkened and discoloured teeth for other reasons.

Home teeth whitening

Individual teeth whitening at home involves using a plastic mouth guard with a whitening gel. The mouth guard or a special form for teeth is made according to the plaster model of the patient’s teeth.

To effectively whiten the teeth, the patient wears a certain time a mouth guard. Home teeth whitening requires supervision by a professional dentist.

Preparation of the mouth guard begins with an impression from the patient’s teeth. The plaster model, created in the vacuum-former serves as a prototype for the transparent plastic mouth guard, which will be used by the patient.

The ready-made mouth guard  is used in the oral cavity of the patient. The mouth guard should fit well to the teeth and have space for the whitening gel.

The mouth guard is filled with gel and is put on the patient’s teeth. After this, the dentist explains the rules for using the mouth guard and the gel. The physician together with the patient selects the days for periodic examination of the teeth under the influence of the whitening gel.

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Teeth whitening, in office (1 visit) 2850
Whitening at home (incl. 2 mouth guards) 2700
Endodontic whitening (1 tooth, 1 visit) 210

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