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Orthopedics. Prosthetic Dentistry

Damaged or missing teeth are a source of unbearable discomfort and even pain. Prosthetic dentistry helps to restore the functions inherent to healthy teeth and replenish the aesthetics of the teeth.

Teething involves introduction of various orthopedic appliances or structures. They are usually divided into: permanent dentures and removable dentures.

Permanent dentures:


Veneers are permanent structures that cover the front tooth surface. This method of teething can be called dental lining. Lining of teeth or veneers significantly improve appearance of the teeth:

– veneers are easily modelled in the desired shape and can have different shapes of healthy teeth,

– veneers change the wrong position of the teeth,

– veneers hide the stiffness of teeth and chips.

Porcelain veneers have a thickness of 0.5 – 0.7 mm. They are easy to install and serve long time. This is a good alternative to ceramic crowns. Veneers are manufactured in dental laboratories.

Veneers zirconiu

Lumineers are thin porcelain coverings glued to the front walls of the teeth (without grinding them with burs) and transform your teeth and smile. Although installation of lumineers is a revolutionary technology for our country, we are pleased that many people have already used this service.

Now they gladly recommend it to those who have not yet been able to solve their problem, because in many cases LUMINEERS are an ideal elimination of deficiencies related to teeth. Now our patients can boast of a snow-white smile, and we – with brilliant results. Look at the photos of the patients’ teeth before the procedure conducted by our specialists, and after it  and you will see yourself in them!

Protezarea dintilor metalo ceramica

Prosthetic dentistry with crow

Teething is a good solution for severely damaged teeth. The cause of destruction can be both caries and mechanical trauma.

Crowns cover the visible part of teeth and are attached with cement. Unlike the filling, the crown covers the tooth completely – its entire surface.

Crowns recreate well the surface of damaged, destroyed teeth. Crowns improve the appearance of the damaged teeth and strengthen them.

Bridge dentures

Bridge dentures are removable structure resembling a bridge. The main part of the denture is the artificial teeth, imitating the lost ones. Bridge dentures are attached on adjacent teeth, next to the missing ones.

The technology of manufacturing bridge dentures is very similar to the crown production one. The same materials are used.

Removable dentures

– Partially removable dentures.

– Completely removable dentures.


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Treatment prices:

Metal ceramic crown 3300
Ceramic crown based on zirconium oxide 6300
Veneers ‘E-max’ 8000

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